Bridging art, science, and spirituality



is the foundation



We bridge art with spirituality and science, pulling from a blend of techniques and strategies, and combine them with innovative creative processes.

OUR MISSION is to develop and share creative spaces, processes and products that build capacity for healing, positive growth and making meaningful connections.

OUR VISION is a global community that uses creativity, art, science and spirituality to enhance humanity’s health, wellness and interconnection.

Through contemporary art, collaborative group art experiences, unique lifestyle products, and thoughtful communications services, And Still the Waters Rise is able to engage diverse audiences and markets with unique approaches that seek to increase personal awareness and resilience, and group interconnection, collaboration and performance.

Designed to support both individual and group transformation, as well as build leadership capacity and team synergy, the products and services of And Still the Waters Rise can be used by individuals looking to further their own health and wellness, as well as by companies looking to enhance the internal and external communication and the brand experience for both employees and customers.

And Still the Waters Rise is a subsidiary of Hanau Creative LLC.


Inspiration is all around us but there are times when having a creative partner is is necessary to take the next step. And Still the Waters Rise is a resource to help you manifest your vision.


Successful outcomes are a product of a successful process––one directed by people willing to forego the shortcuts. And Still the Waters Rise processes are developed with the human dimension in mind.


Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, going from concept to final is a transformation not a transition. And Still the Waters Rise provides more than just deliverables.